The Bachner Companies is a collection of five different companies owned by the Bachner family that offer commercial office and retail space in the Fairbanks Area. The Bachner Companies own and manage six commercial office buildings which include: the Denali Building, Chena Building, Fairbanks Office Building, Little Nerland Building, McKinley Building and the Nerland Building; three strip malls: the Campus Corner Mall, the Eagle Plaza Mall and the Metro Industrial Mall; along with two stand-alone restaurants, Airport Way Restaurant and Mayflower Buffet. Together these eleven properties total approximately 290,000 square feet of space available for lease.

The goal of the Bachner Companies is to restore historic Fairbanks properties and make them functional and desirable rental space to the current generations of Alaskans. The Bachner Companies are family operated by J. Andrew as the President and owner, John Bachner as the property manager and Maya Rainey as the rental account manager. Our companies pride themselves in offering the Fairbanks area quality rental space at an affordable price.

Prices for our rental space are customized for each tenant and vary depending on the following factors: term of the lease, square footage leased, tenant improvements necessary to occupy space, and which party is responsible for the tenant improvements. We employ a full time maintenance and remodel crew to promptly respond to our tenants’ needs.